What does this filming equipment do?

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What does all this filming equipment do? There’s often a lot of equipment and people involved in a film shoot. Here’s what you might come across when filming a video.


In this video, we are going to go over some of the roles and functions involved in a film shoot to help you better prepare for being on camera.

The cameraman’s job is to get you looking really good on camera. And probably standing next to the camera guy is going to be a director. Their job is to get an excellent performance out of you. So they will help you, such as your delivery, posture, stance, on how to enhance your performance. It’s really important to get a good relationship between you and the director going, for the best possible performance.

Talking sound, there’s a few options. There might be a boom pole with a mic on the end. That produces a high-quality sound. Another option that may be used is the traditional lapel mic, which is a little mic that goes on your lapel.

For outside filming, we use a diffuser to soften the light on your face. And then we use a reflector to bring the light back into your face. Basically to make you look good on camera. Help make you pop!

In regards to script, that should be all ready to go on the day. So, in delivering your script, you may have already familiarised yourself with it, even memorized it. And be quite confident in delivering it. The other option is the autocue, where you are reading off a screen.

In regards to delivering the script, if there are words or phrases that you are not actually happy with, or you feel uncomfortable saying, don’t be afraid to put your hand up and say I feel we need to change this – to get a better delivery.







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