Video Production

We provide a wide range of video focused services

SOZU Media produce professional videos for businesses and organisations of all types and sizes. We create quality videos to promote your products or services. From animated videos, to film based videos – we do it all!

The process of video production may seem complex,  but we provide clear steps and process to get the desired results. The goal of this processes is to create  video that connects with a customer and gets them to take action.

What sets us apart is that we are strategists.  We don’t believe that it helps a business to add to the blandness of much of the video production world. Instead, we find ways to connect to an audience, with what they care about – their hopes, dreams, fears and desires.

Let us collaborate with you to make this happen.

Types of Video


Corporate videos can range from training videos to behind the scenes videos to trade show videos and more. With corporate video production, it’s all about making your communication simpler, faster, and more effective while doing business.At SOZU Media, we offer full video production services, from initial concept development right through to storyboard creation, shooting, arranging voice artists, music beds and editing.

Explainer/How to

'Explainer Videos' and 'How to Videos' are extremely popular. The use of animation connects with people and allows you to break down potentially big ideas into an easily digestible format. And people generally love watching them.Planning for us is key here and at every stage of the production process the predefined purpose of the explainer video is central to its development. The video needs to maintain attention, but must also succeed in terms of marketing goals and conversions


Brand videos help humanise your company while connecting to your audience and building brand loyalty.Branding videos may be part of a larger, integrated marketing mix. They build awareness and help create a reputation and personality in the consumers eye.Brand videos are a great addition to your marketing tools. They can be used on your business landing page, email marketing campaigns, and sales presentations


Testimonials allow you to build your reputation from an external source.They are extremely effective as potential customers can relate to the experiences of people who have already bought your products or services, and are highlighting the benefits to them.


Today, consumers are highly educated and make buying decisions based on their research. Product videos are capable of boosting sales and interest dramatically.As a general rule of thumb, the more expensive a product is, the more likely it is that potential customers will want to watch a video demonstrating the product (such as on YouTube).From a marketing standpoint, this makes investment in product videos a no-brainer — produced and deployed properly, they can be a key factor for increasing sales.


Interviewing someone of authority or who is an influencer can boost your own businesses reputation.

Not only is a viewer gaining valuable information from an interview, it also allows you to discuss topics you want to share with your target market.

Factoring in marketing strategy at the start of the production process, helps clarify the creative process and also how to accurately measure results. This is highly important when  bringing together project factors such as scripting, casting, location choices, target market, budget, KPIs and time frame.

It’s an integrated process, that requires vision, planning and professional implementation.  That’s why, at SOZU Media, we believe in the power of video to help brands become recognised, respected and trusted.

Creating your Video


Concept Development
Creative Direction
Storyboarding & Shotlist
Pre-Production & Producing


Film Crew
Production Equipment


Video Editing
Music Bed
Colour Correction
Video Approval

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