Search Engine Optimisation

Rank Faster

SEO is an important factor in making sure your website works.  It’s crucial in getting to the top of the rankings (Which Google dominates, accounting for around 95% of searches in New Zealand).  Search Engine Optimisation is driven by a continually changing Google search engine algorithm, with approximately 200 ranking factors in play.

Simply having a website is no guarantee of online success. People need to be able to find your site and use your site easily.

Local SEO

If you want to rank high on Google for a search term which defines a location like a city or a town, then you should be using Local Search Engine Optimisation”.  The process of ranking a website high for a local search term and nationwide search term use similar techniques but the small differences between the techniques make a big difference.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to consider to measure the success of your website, include: Conversions, Organic Traffic, Keyword Ranks and Traffic Sources.

Ranking Factors

A website developer can create a site that looks great, but often only basic SEO factors are utilised in a site. SOZU Media can help rectify this to improve the performance of your site.


We can either carry out work, or work with your website developer to improve your sites technical SEO.Some of the general elements of On-Page SEO we look at include:Site speed, Image size, Site Structure and XML site maps.


The other important aspect of a successful SEO campaign is ensuring the elements not on your website, that Google can see, are in order.The first step is link building, which is no longer a numbers game, it's quality over quantity.We like to be flexible with the Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation that we do, as something that works well for one client might not have the same impact for the next.

SEO for YouTube

Most people think “YouTube” when they think online video, and they should, YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world (and also owned by Google).

While video is a hugely effective form of engaging with an audience, Video SEO can greatly boost interactions and business transactions.

YouTube success factors include:

  • Channel Keywords
  • Number of subscribers
  • Watch time
  • Views
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