6 Tips for Presenting Better Videos

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If you’re not a natural presenter, check out these 6 tips  for presenting better videos. Gain confidence, and become a presentation star!


Hi I’m Adrian some SOZU Media. Today we are in Papamoa – well this afternoon actually. We’re supposed to be filming, however it’s a bit windy. So, we’ve got our equipment, but we’re not actually going to use it, because it’s a bit windy. So instead I thought I’d just talk about some key points for when you are presenting on camera. So, we’re just going to film this on our iPhone. So here are a couple of key points for presenting on camera.

Point 1 is –  What are you going to say? More specifically, what do you want to say? It’s important to have one key message, otherwise people just can’t take in too much. You want to refine your words down to the key point, work on your script, and another key point is don’t waffle. Like I’m about to do. Stop waffling. People don’t like that. Another thing is – What is the key point of your talk? Is it to educate?  Is it to entertain?…provide information…?

You want to work out all these things out before you get to presentation day and turn up with a script. And finally in this area, I would say, avoid tricky words. Once you’ve got your script, if there’s a word your stumbling on, you want to change it, because your mind is going to play tricks on you, so when you come up to that word in the script, there’s a high chance your going to stuff it up. So get words you can use and your comfortable with.

Point 2 is – Confidence. Some people are naturally confidant and are great on camera, some people are naturally confidant but the are terrible on camera. So you really want to first up, practice being on camera. Go home and practise what you are going to say, and work on your confidence.  You want to be ‘up’ a bit. I usually say, if you are over 18, you want to think of yourself as having a glass and a half of wine.

Get your confidence up. But obviously not, some people go over the top – hey look at me! Another key part of being confident on camera, I’d say is, knowing your script. You want to rehearse your script. Rehearse so you are comfortable. You don’t want to come across as robotic. But you want to come across as natural – know your words.

Another  tip on confidence, is to only have the necessary people around you when you are filming. For example, if you are filming in an office and people are walking past you all the time, that can be really off putting. Clear the area of people you don’t want watching you. Otherwise, it can get really embarrassing, blood pressure goes up and you fluff your lines.

The next tip is – To Talk to the Camera. You want to look down the barrel of the camera, not the person. You might be getting directions. Often people are taking directions from this guy here (Off camera)…”Hello my name is Adrian”. So you want to look down the barrel of the camera. Unless for example your doing a 30-degree angle, to the side. It’s a one on one relationship, with you and the camera, and that connects you to your audience. So do that.

Next is – Body Language. People often go – What am I doing with my hands? What am I doing with these things? We’ll, I’d suggest that this is too much (lots of movement), that sort of fig leaf one – that’s not enough. So, you want a natural use of hands. to help convey your words.  But not too much.

You also want to think of posture, how you’re standing. Another thing is, any little nervous habits you may have. So you just want to watch anything that can be distracting to your audience.

Next is – Appearance.  Is what you are wearing suitable for what you are trying to convey in your video? I’m looking pretty good now, but I wouldn’t be wearing this if I was doing a high end corporate video. So you want to dress appropriately, and I’d also suggest you want to dress comfortably.

As I’ve said, you can get quite nervous in the whole process, so you want comfortable clothes.  And one other tip about clothes – Is what you are wearing going to look OK on camera? As in, you obviously don’t want to wear a ‘green screen’ shirt when you’ve got a green screen behind you.

And a final suggestion – Always have some Water nearby.  So if you get talking and your throat gets dried out, you just want to have a little water. But not too cold though, not could, that could be worse.

So that was our 6 Tips on  being filmed on camera. I hope that’s helped.





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